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John the copywriter’s summer cricket recipe

John the copywriter’s summer cricket recipe

The joke goes that if a cricketer’s girlfriend leaves him in May, he wouldn’t notice until the cricket season ends in September.

For Amsterdam’s cricket-playing expat, nine months of the year (rudely interrupted by rugby) are dedicated to looking forward to the cricket season at Amsterdam’s VRA Cricket Club (130 years old this year).

Inspiring a poem by yours truly.

Dreams of summer cricket fill my winter pillow. 

But it’s time to dust off my leather and willow.

I’ve been practicing my pull shot with my umbrella.

Thank you Rain God for the appalling weather.

But now it’s the beginning of May. And I’m heading off to VRA.

By John Richardson. Copywriter, Poet and Cricketer

Shorter than a Welsh cricketer. When it eventually arrives, the cricket season is quite short. So we try to squeeze as much fun, gamesmanship and one-upmanship out of it as humanly possible.

Which inspired me to knock out an annual cricket magazine called Cow Corner.

Click here to read my 2011 edition.