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“Think like a publisher”, they kept telling me.


Well, I have some experience creating magazines, I can write, I’m pretty good with Indesign, and I wanted to own the channel.

No brainer.

We launched the ZINE, the online glossy magazine for the British Society of Amsterdam, in July 2012 to help broaden our reach to a wider audience. There are apparently 45,000 Brits living in the Netherlands, but only 377 are members of Britsoc. So what was the problem?

It came to me when I visited the i am not a tourist” Expat Fair at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. It’s billed as serving the international community living, working and studying in the Netherlands and has become an annual institution, catering for newly arrived expats, long-standing residents, individuals and families alike.

I was stunned at how many clubs and organisations catered for the expat’s every need. Yet I had not heard of 90 percent of them. Was I alone? Then I had a moment of coffee-fueled clarity… what if our new Britsoc magazine brought all these siloed clubs together? The next day we started brainstorming, and while it’s got some way to go yet to fulfil our big hairy ambitions, it’s a good start.

We launched the ZINE in July with a readership of just 368 and today (Nov 13) that has soared to a readership of 4000.  So just another 21,000 readers to go then.

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