Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken

Brand story | Eau De Lacoste fragrance for men

Brand storytelling:
When storytelling is more effective than a brief.

We couldn’t get the emotional side of our heads around the brief for the launch of the new fragrance for men—Eau De Lacoste. So I decided to write a brand story instead. The client loved it, the creatives got it, and it became the platform for a series of inspired ideas for Lacoste.

Put your hand on your heart and dare to be you…everyone else is taken.

The Eau De Lacoste brand story:

by John Richardson

1. Rene Lacoste: 
In the heat of the Roaring Twenties stood the cool, athletic figure of Rene Lacoste. The best tennis player in the world. The timeless ambassador of chic. Seven times winner of the Grand Slam tennis championship. The unflappable man in the midday sun. Cool as a late evening breeze. His legacy is the timeless, audacious elegance of the Lacoste Polo shirt.

2. The Polo Shirt: 
Rene Lacoste was nicknamed the ‘Crocodile’. The playful, laughing symbol born out of a sports bet. A tenacious rival on the tennis court and a firm friend off it, this perfectly summed up his legendary spirit. Embroidered on his jacket, over his heart, it beats to a timeless rhythm. One heard not only by the well-healed of the sporting elite, but more importantly those who take the path less travelled.

3. Fragrance/Design: 
Eau De Lacoste is fresh, clean and crisp with an evocative yet detached elegance. To wear it is to be simply ‘Eau Dacious’. It’s brand new yet familiar. It gives you voice to tell your own personal story. To laugh like a crocodile at any challenge and express your individuality. Put your hand on your heart and dare to be you…everyone else is taken.

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