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What is it?
Biggerbrains provides informal yet powerful career guidance for young researchers who want to build their career more effectively. It has important sections on Search and Discovery, Networking, Writing and Publishing, and Funding.

Featuring video interviews with high-profile editors and professors, Biggerbrains represents the collective intelligence of the research community. Its tone is lighthearted, yet highly informative and relevant.

Who is it for?
Biggerbrains is for the benefit of early-career researchers. That is, those who have recently earned a PhD, are on their way to completion, or in a research career for less then five years.

What does it offer?
The site provides a broad mix of inspiring career advice, career planning tools, informative videos, interactive guidance games and job alerts. The knowledge provided here is of benefit to all research areas, across all disciplines. There’s also a deeper section with a range of Elsevier online tools and solutions.

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