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Fitmo | The real-time health coach

Created the content strategy, tone of voice and content for the launch of The real-time coach that keeps you on track to life-long health.


So what’s your excuse for not wanting to live longer?

What’s stopping you losing that love handle, getting into that wedding dress, running that marathon or climbing Kilimanjaro?

Excuses, excuses, excuses.
You don’t have the time.
You don’t have the energy.
You’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month.

We’ve all heard them and we all make them.

Imagine a very smart and knowledgeable friend with an inspiring and encouraging manner. One who also has your best interests at heart, yet can be brutally honest if you start to drop out of the program.

Introducing Fitmo. The brutally honest, real-time health coach that keeps you on track to life-long health. Screaming in your ear when the excuses run out.

“Hey fatso!… Yes you!… Mr Couch Potato!…we’re coming around in 10 minutes to pick up your sofa.”

“Exercise? You can’t even spell it.”

“This is an excuse-free zone.”

“I can see you don’t like effort and commitment very much, but you’re going to like flabby and lethargic even less.”

“One healthy body + lack of time = one couch potato.”

“Fitness is not in the mind. It’s on the treadmill.”

“It’s only impossible if you don’t do it.”

“From couch to 5k. Alright! Hi five”

“You’re changing the world, one exercise at a time.”



As people have become aware of the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they are looking for services that support them. No online service offers a complete solution.

Current health offerings online are siloed and based on tracking and displaying data. Limited coaching functions are not informed by the full health lifestyle of the individual.

Solution: is an enlightened coaching app that takes your whole health picture into account. Because of this, Fitmo helps people make better plans and more informed decisions about their health.

Deliverable: Created the tone of voice and content strategy for The real-time coach that keeps you on track to life-long health.

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