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Journalism | Haute ‘Car’ture: The MINI Brand Store Amsterdam

The MINI Brand Store is Amsterdam’s hotspot for urban lifestyle, events and clubbing.

I discovered a number of fascinating facts when I interviewed Robert Dresen, manager of the Mini Brand Store Amsterdam.

“It’s the only MINI Brand Store in the world”

“There are over 10 million ways to personalise your mini.”

“They often clear out the store and turn it into a night club.”

The MINI Brand Store is housed in one of the most elegant buildings in Amsterdam’s historic Leidseplein, the copper-domed Hirsch building. Originally owned by the international fashion house Hirsch & Co, it opened in 1912 and had a Parisian ‘look and feel’ about it. Hand made and expensive, the French-speaking staff took whatever Haute Couture you bought to your home and placed it in your closet. An unheard of level of personalisation and service, even then.

That extra mile of service
Today we call this extreme attention to detail the brand experience. Or Haute ‘Car’ ture, as I call MINI’s extreme level of personalisation. One that goes that extra mile of service down the road less travelled to deliver a different level of service and personalisation.

Download and read the full MINI Brand Store article. PDF (500k).



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