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Fighting Crime With Information: New World Systems Sales Presentation Video

The brief was to “Give the room some energy” with an opening video at a sales presentation given for local government and public safety organisations. 

Real World Application: Fighting Crime with Information

Imagine predicting where the next traffic accident or home invasion will occur and being prepared to respond, or better yet, prevent the incident from happening. Harlingen Police Department, in south Texas, is doing just that with the help of New World’s software.

“From our policies to operations, everything we do is derived from intelligence-led policing,” said Sergeant David Osborne. “Since we started, we’ve had a 20 percent reduction in Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) part one crimes, and this year we’re continuing that trend. A large part of this is because of the intelligence we have from New World’s software.”

Serving only the public sector for more than three decades, New World Systems is one of the most trusted public safety and public administration software providers in America. New World Systems’ Aegis™ Suite of Public Safety Software and Logos™ Public Administration suite of software meet demanding requirements and streamline operations for more than 1,000 public sector organizations across the country.