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Print | Brochure | The Classic Nissan 300ZX Collector’s Edition

More than a brochure it's become a classic car collector's item

I've lost count how many times it's been downloaded (it must be in the thousands).

Nissan 300ZX: More than a new car, it’s a new way of thinking.

It was simple. Nissan engineers were given a clean sheet of paper and a blank Cray II supercomputer screen.

Then they were asked to go and build  the best sports car in the world.

That permission to be different set off a string of breakthrough ideas.

The result was not only  ”One of the best 10 sports cars in the world,”  it made people look at car design from a new perspective.

It’s a new kind of intelligence driven by a new way of thinking.


It’s also a highly sought after brochure on wikipedia and Nissan 300ZX sites


You have two viewing options:

      1. Download the complete PDF brochure here: 300zx Broch.pdf


Nissan 300ZX Brochure

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