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Even the most brilliant scientific discovery, if not communicated properly, is of little value. NST Science provides a vital ‘third eye’ for researchers who want to launch their ideas with greater accuracy, lucidity and speed when communicating with other researchers, funding bodies and the public. 

I’m getting quite a dab hand at creating Wordpress websites based on a solid content strategy.

This WordPress site  is for my good friend Dave Thomas, whose PHD comes in quite handy when he advises scientists on how to write and submit their papers for review, funding and public consumption.

While Dave and his wife Evelyn have been mostly translating and editing scientific and medical texts since 2001, they have spotted a need for a broader approach.

We sat down and analysed what services they would now offer  to meet this need, and why he thought they were important to his current and potential clients.

While totally new to the idea of a content strategy, Dave quickly realised its potential in creating a clear focus going forward. All content created would now be relevant, useful and usable to his broader target audience.

The site is now live, and Dave and Evelyn offer a new range of science communication services. All aimed at helping researchers tell their story, well, to three distinct audiences: researcher to researcher, researcher to funding body, and researcher to public.

Please explore the site. Even if you’re a talented communicator of science research, we think you’ll find something useful and useable.

By putting your research under their microscope, they’ll help you get your ideas on paper and accepted by the right scientific audience.

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