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Think like a publisher

To understand Content Strategy, think like a publisher.

This helps both clients and project teams understand what content is being produced, how it’s being produced, by whom, when, and why.

Thinking this way also helps you consider how the message is best explained—words, image, video, screencast, juggling dog (forget that last suggestion. It’s early morning and I’m just being silly).

“Content strategy helps you strike up a conversation with the  hearts and minds of your audience.” John Richardson, Content strategist and Copywriter


Plan, develop, and manage informational content—written and rich media. When you think like a publisher you start with content. It’s not some afterthought. And you avoid the common pitfall of building the site and hoping the content will come.

Has that dog been at my content again? Usable, existing content is hard to find. It’s buried everywhere from a leaflet in the back of a Creative Director’s drawer—happened to me—to hidden in the minds of subject matter experts that you’re not allowed to talk with— also happened to me.

Content is political. Content can also be intensely political and needs countless sign offs and, therefore, revisions (we can’t say this). All of which takes time.


Let’s start at the beginning. If you want your content on time, start the ball rolling in the beginning of the process. And this is just the tip of a very long pencil.

Content strategy helps you plan for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful and useable content (see Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson).

“It plots an achievable roadmap for individuals and organizations to create and maintain content that audiences will actually care about. It provides specific, well-informed recommendations about how we’re going to get from where we are today (no content, or bad content, or too much content) to where we want to be (useful, usable content people will actually care about).”

Critical to content strategy is deciding what you want to achieve with your audience (which might not be content; it could just be an idea). Then decide if your content/idea will help you meet this goal.


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