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[biginfopane textcolor=”#ffffff” title=”Web Content Writing is about being ‘You-seful‘.”]Genuinely, mind-bogglingly useful. With capital ‘Y’.[/biginfopane]

[pullquote style=”border-left”]Today, everybody can publish, broadcast and behave like a media company. With so much crowd-created media distracting our lives, most of us have the attention span of a small carrot. Hearts and minds are a hard-earned commodity. To stand out you need to step into the mind, needs and interests of your audience. This requires the skill, authority, and experience of a professional web content writer.[/pullquote]

Web writing is about help, not hype. 
If you sell something you make a friend for a day. If you help someone you make a friend for life. This changes the rules. It’s about being useful while not talking about you. Yet to be genuine, you have to be yourself. You have to be ‘You’ without talking about ‘You’.

It’s about joining the conversation in your customer’s head. 
Taking them where they want to be. Which is usually nowhere near where you want to go. The history of your company, for example. No. No. No. They they want to know something useful, usable, shareable. Oh, and bye the way, the smartest, most useful things I’ve ever heard are from people who never went to college.

[pullquote style=”border-left”]” Write the memo, but don’t sent it”. Ex Employee

“You can take the apple from the tree, but you can’t put it back.” Gardener

“Don’t dip your quill in company ink”. Divorcee[/pullquote]

You don’t have to be smart to be meaningful. You can learn something useful from anyone. Just listen. Learning is good; Doing is better. And most people who read your blog want to do something.

Feel, Do, Learn.
Have you ever come across the Feel, Do, Learn model of consumer behaviour? Some decisions are taken with a lot of thinking, others are taken with great feeling. Some are made through force of habit and others are made consciously. A car purchase might be ‘Feel‘ (Wow! What a great car), ‘Learn‘ (read all about the specs and try and justify the emotional urge to buy with a rational decision) and then ‘Do‘ (purchase the car). You get the idea.

Try it on some imaginary purchase like chewing gum. Once you understand this simple Feel, Do, Learn model it’ll be easer to frame your blog post around the conversation in people’s heads.

Are you ready to be ‘You-seful‘?

As highly qualified and trained Web Content Writing professionals, we provide a range of custom web services that include:

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  • SEO writing

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